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New Client Information

In order to begin the process of evaluating the Bankruptcy options which will provide you the most relief from your creditors, there is certain information which will be required. Some of the required information must be provided in order to comply with current Bankruptcy laws. Otherwise, the information is needed in order for our office to assist you in determining the type of Bankruptcy you should file. If you go through each of the forms listed below it will go a long way in getting the process started.

Intake Form:  If you click on the “Intake Form” button below it will take you through information which allow us to open up a file on your behalf.

Expense Report:  Part of any Bankruptcy filing requires the submission of a form detailing your monthly expenses. We will review your monthly expenses in detail during your first appointment. Filling out this form will simply speed up the process, and will likely force you to consider expenses which you may not have given much thought to. If you click on the “Expense Report” button below it will open up the file for you. [If you have an expense, which does not show up on our form, please write it down, and bring it to our attention during our first appointment.]

Required Documents:  The “Required Documents” button will provide you a listing of the documentation you will be required to provide in order to file for Bankruptcy. It may seem burdensome to be forced to provide all of the requested documents; however, please understand if we are asking for a document we are only doing so because the Bankruptcy laws require it.

  1. Intake Form
  2. Expense Report
  3. Required Documents