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Can debts I am ordered to pay under my Divorce Decree be eliminated?

One of the largest causes of Divorce is poor financial condition. When families with poor financial conditions break up, the end result is more financial pressure. This added financial pressure arises from the loss of two household incomes to support one household, followed immediately by the break up of the two incomes with the need to support two separate households. Then, adding insult to injury, many Divorce Decrees impose obligations to pay debts that are not possible to maintain. In a Chapter 7 Case you can not eliminate these obligations. In a Chapter 13 Case you can eliminate these responsibilities, provided they are not determined to be child support, alimony, or maintenance. Some examples of liabilities which can be eliminated by the filing of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are:
  1. Orders to pay credit card debt;
  2. Orders to pay mortgage debt;
  3. Orders to pay unsecured loans;
  4. Orders to make payments on vehicle debts; and/or
  5. Orders to pay legal costs and attorney fees.